Our 3 Tips for New Parents Struggling On Their Child Raising Journey

Our mission is to provide modern techniques for new parents. It’s tough to raise children and we often receiving conflicting advice to raise kids who are successful, kind, and confident. New parents have to contend with balancing their careers, their family, and their own personal growth. Luckily, a major advantage modern parents have over our predecessors is that we have online resources to help. We hope to be able to discern the noise from the signal and provide some valuable tips and guidance on raising your children in the 2020’s and beyond.

Tip 1: Pursue the Journey of Teaching Your Child to Sleep

There are a multitude of reasons for teaching your child to sleep – the first and foremost being the safety of the child and the parent. SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) is something we much keep in mind as we sleep train our children – but did you know that there are significant benefits to the parents as well? Getting more sleep for you means that you are more rested and able to make better decisions while awake. The key detail is knowing that sleep training doesn’t happen overnight – and is something you must pursue and work on for at least a couple of weeks before your child develops a rhythm of sleep.

Tip 2: Patience Works Better Than Discipline

Small children are thoroughly uncivilized and a big portion of your job as a new parent will require you to somehow show your child what it means to act properly in our modern world. Patience will win out over immediate discipline. Don’t be quick to yell or get angry at your child for doing something gross or inappropriate. They often just simply don’t know that whatever is triggering you is the “bad” thing to do. They’re not at all malicious in any way. Take a breather – and be as calm as you can in working with your child.

Practical Parents in Training – In addition, be sure to be patient with yourself as well. Parenting is a journey of consistent learning and adapting – and no single person is ever good at it right out of the gate. You don’t have to kick yourself every time you make a mistake parenting – just dedicate yourself to be a better parent than you were yesterday.

Tip 3: Review the 4 Parenting Styles

Be aware of the 4 parenting styles that exist. If you don’t know – it is: authoritative, authoritarian, permissive, and neglectful. Do some research on what some typical behaviors are associated with these styles of parenting. By knowing they exist – it’ll give you a frame of reference to evaluate and reflect on how your day with your child went. Overall, research seems to suggest that the most optimal way to raise your child is being authoritative. Keep in mind that the authoritative method of parenting also requires the most effort out of us.

Maintaining patience, sleep training your child, and keeping the 4 parent styles in mind as you move forward in your parenting journey should help you to be the best parent you can be.