Meet Misa — A Smart Robot For Playful Learning

With huge advancements in Artificial Cleverness, we are in a position to see all types of robots inside our forseeable future. Most popular one will be the interpersonal robots that are created to connect to humans. Imagine if you will need a social automatic robot for your child? Misa is an interpersonal robot which was created to connect to humans mainly kids and be useful enough to provide as a member of family and a best friend for your children. Misa may be the best companion, teacher, friend and even an entertainer in your loved ones.

Why do kids love MISA?

As you can see Misa, itself being truly a cute robot, could work with children in a far more easy manner. Kids consider Misa to be one of these and love her on her behalf unique personality and lively character. She could connect to kids, train, sing, hear and be their finest pal as it is absolutely fun to invest time with her and she also makes lots of the tasks easier.


Come, let’s have a talk to Misa

Misa could understand and connect to the humans around with the aid of Natural Language Handling features which helps her to build up deep interactions with people around. Misa is actually a perfect helper who reads bedtime tales, who can offer with feelings and who tells you how she actually is sense today. She might even crack a tale or draw up a riddle or a tongue twister for you. She might even speak about arbitrary pieces of things like animals, parrots, poems and may become a friendly tutor. You can check out more of Misa here,


Misa really helps to control without raising a finger

Imagine if you wanna click an image? What if you will need to increase or reduce the lighting? You could either by hand go directly to the camera and click a picture and go to configurations to increase or reduce lighting. But misa enables you to do these with an individual command by means of speech. Arranged alarms, reminders, preview a calendar or start a credit card applicatoin. Misa can do everything for you without coming in contact with your device. Hence misa has an easier and faster way to do all types of useful things.


Just ask her to try out

Misa could play your preferred recording or playlist you have downloaded. She might even sing rhymes for you infants. All you need to do is, to ask her and she performs it for you.


Misa has response to all of your questions

When you have got any concerns or need any information you could approach Misa for help. She could quickly check the reality and help solve your concerns and discover the best information on any subject on the internet.


Well, Misa can maneuver around

Misa makes sense, interactive and regardless of other personal assistants in the marketplace, she might even move around. She’s got four tires and sensors that allows her to go compared to that path on our control. She could play with the youngsters, maneuver around, learn, sense road blocks on her route and connect to the individuals around. Her tires are large enough that assist her to walk on an array of floors.