Lee Meekcoms Views Housing And Entertainment Trends Change As Seniors Enter Retirement

With the to begin the infant Boomers cashing Social Security checks, it isn’t surprising that everyone from property investors to financial analysts are sitting up and taking notice. The pure numbers that define this era – over million based on the U.S. Census Bureau – possess produced Boomers de facto trendsetters. “SENIORS have more gathered prosperity than any previously generation, and they are located downstream from a river of house that they can inherit from their parents,” says Leon D. Meekcoms, Leader of Parkbridge Capital Group, Inc. (), a privately kept owning a home, acquisition, and brokerage company. “Their budget and improved longevity are translating into decisive new trends within the housing marketplace.”

Based on Meekcoms, whose job in property product sales, acquisition, and development gives spanned a lot more than years, the most known recreational trend one of the Boomer demographic are those that termed “splitters,” or individuals who have two residences. “Dual season residency is certainly skyrocketing, with people selecting to go to north from your own spring towards the fall and spend spouse of the entire year inside the south,” he says. Furthermore, near a 50 percent million people live and travel full-time of their RVs, with good sized quantities a lot more dividing their time between RV travel plus a home base, often inside a manufactured home community or RV vacation resort.

Instead of traditional “snowbirds,” this era is commonly more energetic and, like their predecessors, is rather cost-conscious. They have a satisfactory expectation of living % of century and much much longer in pension or semi-retirement, and don’t desire to outlive their money. “While Boomers are affluent, they’re clever about how precisely they’ll invest and spend, and will plan for the longer term,” says Meekcoms.

That’s one cause Parkbridge Capital Group, Inc. provides centered on obtaining a assortment of produced home neighborhoods and recreational vehicle resorts. “People desire the huge benefits linked to a cellular way of living without the high over mind. In buying and updating these properties to increase investor come back, we provide tenants with an outstanding environment. In a nutshell, everyone wins,” he says.

Parkbridge Capital is really a prime exemplory case of an organization which has positioned itself to make use of the Baby Boomer influx. There aren’t an enormous number of bigger, quality manufactured house neighborhoods and RV resorts, therefore the marketplace forces of source and demand are nearly specific to pressure prices up in arriving years. For the time being, the business’s properties also attract the growing amount of Americans who wish to vacation nearer to house or stay static in the U.S. “Due to gas prices, folks are beginning to timid away from lengthy trips, and choose the facilities of resorts which are within traveling distance of the homes, or locales where they are able to stay and recreate for the growing season,” says Meekcoms.

Like a Baby Boomer himself, he comes with an inside monitor upon this trendsetting era. “Overall, we have additional time, additional money, and better long-term wellness prospects than prior generations. You want to enjoy a versatile lifestyle at a price that isn’t luxurious,” he says. “The types of properties our business acquires and are the owners of with our companions are a ideal fit for cellular, cost-conscious Boomers who would like the best of most worlds.”